About Us

Kenmore Middle School
Arts and Communications Technology Focus
200 South Carlin Springs Road
Arlington, Virginia 22204
Dr. John Word, Principal
Mr. Brian Fisher, Director of Bands

Kenmore Middle School students play in three concert bands, a big jazz band, and several smaller ensembles, all under the direction of Mr. Brian Fisher. These bands and ensembles perform in Kenmore Middle School’s state-of-the-art auditorium and black-box theater, at other venues in the surrounding community, and at competitions and festivals in the Mid-Atlantic region. Kenmore Bands include:

  • Cadet Band is for those students with little or no experience on a band instrument. Major focus points are posture, breathing, reading rhythms accurately, reading musical notation and developing listening skills. The Cadet Band performs literature at the VBODA grade level 1.
  • Concert Band is for students who have completed Cadet Band or have otherwise demonstrated that they are ready for this class. Students in this class generally have developed technique well beyond the average elementary student by the beginning of the year. The Concert Band performs literature at the VBODA grade levels 1 and 2.
  • Symphonic Band is the most advanced group at Kenmore Middle School. Students are placed in this band by audition. For this band, instruction moves away from the basic elements of music to concentrate on the more abstract concepts of musicianship. The Symphonic Band performs literature at the VBODA grade levels 2, 3, and 4.
  • Big Kickin’ Band is Kenmore’s popular “Big Band Jazz” group that meets as an Act II class after school on Thursdays. Members of this band are also chosen by audition.

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